Founding Team:


Phoebe Edalatpour

Development Director

Phoebe first came to Sierra Leone as a Peace Corps Health Extension Volunteer in 2018. Her experience living in community combined with her non-profit fund development experience help set our team up for success in fundraising and strategic planning. She has also worked in construction management in the US. She holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech and is currently working towards a Master's in Sustainable Development and Environmental Engineering at the University of Minnesota.

Rebecca T. Gbessay

Program Manager

Rebecca is an early-childhood educator, health advocate, and leader amongst women in her town, Tihun, Sierra Leone. With her experience community organizing and trusted position in the chiefdom, Rebecca possesses the perfect set of leadership skills to foster meaningful community relationships. Her career background ranges from teaching to school administration to non-profit programming, and she holds a BA in Education from Freetown Teacher's College.


Plastik Managers:


Moiyatu Vakie

Tihun - Fullah Town Section

(Head Plastik Manager)

Augusta Gbessay

Tihun - Ngiyeya Section


Fatimata Dongboi

Tihun - Central Section


Fati Mbayo

Tihun - Ndembehun & Dodo Sections



Francess Gbessay

Tihun - Kangawoo Section


Alice Fatorma

Motuo - Kuwahun & Gbahama Areas


Sallay Ndanema

Motuo - Mo Amara Area